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Simple (Yet Carefully Planned & Highly Effective) Speed Drill With The Ball

Updated: Nov 1, 2022


Here's a simple exercise which can be adapted for both stamina development (speed repeatability component) and purely speed when moving with the ball.

If you're going for speed with the ball, I recommend having someone time you per attempt to try and beat your times, but if you lose control of the ball then the attempt is void.

It's super simple to set up, but uses distances, contraction types and changes of direction specific to what you'll experience on the pitch - at the same time as working both feet and testing your touch under pressure and fatigue.

If you're going for stamina, perform at max intensity, rest for 20 secs and repeat (4-6 reps, 2-4 sets depending on where you're at).

I like to keep things short and sharp and simple to set up:

1. So there's no excuse not to do it

2. So we can keep as much recovery time as possible (so important, this is where the adaptations to your training occur and also key to recovery and feeling fresh for when you need to perform.)

Quality over quantity, train smart, create the stimulus you need with the minimum effective dose, recover well and you'll see good progress.

Your coach,


P.S Drills like this make up a tiny part of a much bigger picture when it comes to training like a pro, and it can get overwhelming knowing what to do and when. If you need help with this, I am now taking applications to join my all-new Elite Footballer Programme.

I've removed all of the stress and confusion so you can follow a pro level plan whilst focusing on what you do best, training hard and performing on the pitch.

It makes sense to ensure your hard training efforts are being spent on doing the right things.

If you, your son or your daughter are being held back by a lack of strength, speed, stamina, consistency, resilience to injuries or confidence and you're aiming to go PRO and higher, then I would love to personally work with you.

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