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My 5 Factors Of Football Success

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Your success as a footballer comes down to a few key factors...

This is the order of those factors...

Number 1 is the most important. Number 5 is the least important:

1. Commitment & Discipline - Are you willing to commit, bounce back up each time you experience failure and do things that most players aren’t willing to do?

2. Execution & Consistency - Are you willing to be coachable, take action on the guidance which is given to you and be consistent in your training?

3. Physical & Mental Fitness - Are you able to handle the demands and stress which will be placed on your mind and body when playing at the highest level in front of thousands (if not millions) of people?

Can you keep up with play and do you still have the energy to show your true technical ability once you get on the ball? Can you do it again and again without your body breaking down with overuse injuries?

4. Game Intelligence - Do you have the mental capacity to identify the smartest positions to occupy on and off the ball and consistently make good decisions with your use of the ball?

5. Technical Ability - Do you have the technical ability to actually positively influence a game at the highest level when you’re in possession?

Notice that technical ability (in my opinion) is the least important factor in your success once you reach a certain level. Why?

Because your technical ability doesn’t matter if you’re not willing to work hard off the ball, can’t get anywhere near the play or complete a full 90 minutes due to insufficient fitness levels, go hiding or struggle with nerves when playing in high pressure situations and keep missing training and matches through injury.

Technical ability alone just indicates the potential level you could compete at…but even players with god given technical talent will reach a point where they won’t continue to progress if they are lacking in any of the other areas.

Unfortunately, technical ability is sometimes the double edged sword that prevents some players from continuing to progress.

Some players are so naturally technically gifted that they never develop the work ethic required to be a pro.

They never develop the mental and emotional skills necessary to achieve their full potential…and as the years go by they have less and less impact on the pitch, eventually being overtaken by technically gifted players who also excel in the other areas (and even some who are technically nowhere near as good).

If you or your son/daughter has the technical ability, game intelligence and work ethic to genuinely go after becoming a pro and even step up to international level, but they’re being held back by injuries or a lack of stamina, strength, speed, confidence or self-belief…then the Matchfit Elite Footballer Programme will bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

Take Charles and Carlos for example, who have recently been called up to their international training camps after just a few months of being on the programme.

On my Elite Player Programme we provide daily 1-1 accountability and mentorship as well as day by day PRO level training.

>>> Get all the details and apply here.

You don’t have to be elite now (we’ll help you get there), but what’s important is that you want to play at the highest level and have the work ethic and genuine technical ability to get there.

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Your coach,


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