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How I Build Elite Level Footballers

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Do you dream about playing football in the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga or any other top flight football league in the world?

Do you want to stand head and shoulders above everyone else at professional club trials and have coaches salivating to sign you on the spot? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you need to pay close attention to every word on this page because you're about to...

Discover the real secret to becoming a highly paid professional footballer.

The information contained on this page will prove invaluable to you, whether you're:

An amateur player looking to step up to a semi-professional level, as a stepping stone to getting signed by your first professional club. ⚽​ A semi-professional footballer who's ready to step up, join your first pro team and get paid to do what you love. ⚽​ A professional footballer who wants to join a top tier club, hold down a first team position, play in the Champions League and represent your country in the World Cup.

No matter what level you're currently at, you will face the exact same challenges every time you step up to a new level and everything on this page is applicable to you. The MESSI-N Method identifies the SIX key factors that hold most people back from becoming the best football player they can possibly become...

...and it identifies the KEY player attributes that - when you possess them - will make you stand out to professional football coaches, making it far more likely you'll get signed up.

When you incorporate the "MESSI-N" Method into your training:

✔️ You'll become a far more dynamic player... meaning more people will notice your ability during training, trials and matches, making it easier for you to progress to the next level.

✔️ ​Your confidence levels will soar through the roof... meaning your mind will be clear so you have the freedom and clarity to perform at your very best in every situation, even during high pressure trials and important matches. ✔️ ​You will suffer LESS injuries, and recover from niggling injuries much FASTER... so you can stay in peak physical fitness for longer spells, allowing you to hold down your first team spot for an entire season. ✔️ You'll perform at a higher level than you do currently - for a full 90 minutes... making it less likely you will be subbed to the bench and making it harder for other players to steal your position away from you. ✔️ You'll feel the extra energy coursing through you in the last crucial 15 minutes of a game... allowing you to lead by example and single handedly inspire your team to victory in tight games that might have otherwise ended in a draw or defeat. ✔️ Your reaction times will be a lot faster and sharper... meaning you hardly ever get caught on the ball, with the ability to pick out the right pass, even when you're under heavy pressure. ✔️ You'll be faster, stronger, fitter and have more stamina than other players... meaning you will win more tackles, win more aerial battles and outlast even the best opponents. ✔️ ​Your recovery time will be shorter... so you can get back to meaningful training faster than your team mates who don't take their personal development as serious as you do. ✔️ In general, you'll be a more explosive, dynamic and powerful player that commands respect from players, coaches and fans alike...

As you probably already know...

...when you get invited to trial for a professional club, you will be competing against a LOT of technically gifted footballers. Competition is fierce and every player already signed at the club has likely been there for a number of years, being coached and trained by professionals every single day. If you want to get signed, you have to be BETTER than the players already at club who are playing in your position. Otherwise, why would they sign you? When I was 9, I was one of only TWO players out of a pool of 150 scouted trialists, to be signed on by the Wycombe Wanderers FC centre of excellence. I was there until the age of 18 and saw many players come and go in that time. And during my England U18 international youth team trials (where Chris Smalling and I were the chosen centre-back duo for the final trial squad of 24 players) there were initially over 100 selected players from all over the country competing for just 21 international squad places. Even at semi-pro level football, the technical ability of the players is at a very high standard. The teams are often made up of players who have been released by professional clubs for the narrowest of reasons.

Trust me when I say...

Your technical ball skills are NOT what's going to set you apart from everyone else...

To stand ANY chance of success, it's vitally important that you are COMMITTED to developing every part of your game - especially your personal strength, your speed, your stamina, your mindset, your diet, your sleep habits, and more. You must be more committed to achieving your goals than everyone else you are competing against, otherwise, you might as well just give up now. Because if you're not willing to give 100% effort... you can be certain that other more committed players will be picked instead of you. As recently as 2016, I was playing alongside a player who, at the age of 19, had NEVER stepped foot inside a professional club. His name was Lyndon Dykes. Lyndon is now one of the English Championships leading goalscorers (QPR), on the brink of being promoted to the Premier League, and a Scotland international who represented his country at Euro 2020. Similarly, before the age of 18 Chris Smalling had never been at a pro club. 4 years later he was captaining Manchester United and starting for England at the World Cup. These are not the only two players I have personally witnessed make meteoric rises to top flight football, and they were far from being the most technically talented players I have played alongside (who are no longer in the game). But they both UNDOUBTEDLY possessed the six "secret" qualities I am about to outline, in ABUNDANCE.

Which leads me to repeat:

Your technical ball skills are NOT what's going to set you apart from everyone else.

Read This Before Going ANY Further

From James Donnelly (Owner)

London, England.

I'm incredibly passionate about helping players like you to be fully prepared for life as a professional footballer - so you can potentially play in the Champions League and represent your country in the World Cup. WHY? It's because my promising professional football career came to a grinding halt after I suffered a hip injury that threatened to leave me in a wheelchair. This injury could have been avoided in the first place if someone had taught me the RIGHT WAY to condition my body so it was capable of withstanding the wear and tear that all pro footballers face. My earth-shattering injury led me down a different path, and my sports science journey began. I studied Sports Science at Southampton University, specialised in football strength and conditioning and now also have a masters in football specific strength and conditioning from the Football Science Institute. As part of this I am taught directly by some of the worlds top Sports Scientists who work at clubs such as Real Madrid and PSG. When I began my Sports Science Degree in 2008, I applied for a sports scholarship from the university. Fortunately, my application was accepted and I was given a personal strength and conditioning coach for 2 years. That scholarship alone was worth around £10,000 per year, something I couldn't have afforded back then.

Working with that coach, despite my injury, I couldn’t believe how much stronger and faster I was getting just from the strength training. I didn’t appreciate that sort of thing was possible. That's when I first got really interested in the strength and conditioning side of things, because I was starting to notice how it was helping me, and how much I had been missing out. It made me think “if only I’d been doing this for the last 10 years.” And it made me think about how much it could help other players as well. The things I learned from my university course and my strength coach led me to pursue a diploma in football specific strength and conditioning training, to increase my knowledge around this topic and potentially heal myself. I started applying what I was learning to my training in the gym, and realised it was just a process of testing things out and making tweaks over long periods of time. And thanks to my discoveries, instead of ending up in a wheelchair like the doctors warned, I achieved the impossible. Within just 18 months of that "career-ending" injury, I found myself playing against first team professionals again - as captain - against the Australian A-League champions, the Brisbane Roar. They were the best team in the country, full time professionals with Australian national squad players playing for them. Yes, it’s not Barcelona or anything... Yet there I was, standing in the centre circle before the match, shaking the hand of an international professional footballer. From where I had been with my injury, I might have well been standing there shaking the hand of Lionel Messi. If only I'd have known what I know now about how to mentally and physically prepare for life as a top flight footballer, I could have been a household name. Since then, I've devoted my life to help players like YOU to avoid the pitfalls that stopped my career, so you can achieve the dreams that were prematurely snatched from my grasp. The FOOTBALL SPECIFIC scientific processes I created allowed me - someone the doctors had written off as being a cripple - to recover and play at level of football most people only dream about. So imagine how effective my methods are for someone like YOU, someone with your entire career still ahead of you. You can do it... and I can help you get there.

World Cup winning goalscorer Mario Gotze personally said this to me about the MESSI-N Method:

"I like the way you think about football and how you combine everything, because in football you need everything. The insights in your content and training are great."

So what is the MESSI-N Method and why is it so effective?

Before we dive right in... It's vitally important that you are coachable, even if you're already an exceptional footballing talent. Even players like "Super Mario" Gotze, the German International who caught the ball perfectly on his chest and volleyed the winning goal past Sergio Romero in the 2014 World Cup Final against Argentina - are always looking for ways to become better players. Having praise from such a decorated footballer is not meant as a boast or a brag, it's simply to let you know that this information is worth paying attention to. With that said...

What does MESSI-N stand for?

⚽ ​M - Mindset ​⚽ E - Endurance ⚽ S - Speed ⚽ S - Strength ⚽ I - Injury Prevention ⚽ N - Nutrition

If you expect to become the best player you can possibly be (and potentially even play for your national team) you need to take personal responsibility for developing the SIX KEY AREAS mentioned above.

If there's one thing I learned from my nine years at Wycombe Wanderers and my experience with the England youth team... it's this:

When a player gets released by their club, or they fail to "make the cut" and progress to the next stage of trials... it's practically NEVER anything to do with their technical footballing ability.

The reason that most young footballers fail to reach their full potential always comes back to one (or more) of those six key areas.

Even just a few years ago, the average footballer (and most youth team coaches) would laugh or even cringe if you suggested players should pay more attention to their personal fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Sadly, mindset and nutrition gets almost completely ignored. And "fitness training" is often used as a threat and a punishment by old school coaches, instead of being recognised as vital to your success as a pro footballer. Awareness has thankfully started to increase in the last couple of years, yet the most common response to the idea of strength training is still predominantly “footballers don’t need muscle, it makes them slow.” There's still a huge lack of understanding surrounding the importance of football specific strength and conditioning, not only in terms of improving performance, but also for decreasing the risk of injury. And the same is true when it comes to the vital importance of nutrition as it relates to your performance and recovery. I'm living proof that serious injuries (and repetitive niggling injuries) can be avoided when you follow a scientific, functional strength and conditioning routine.

Listen - you need to get this...

Behind closed doors, the top professional players and coaches take fitness, strength, conditioning, nutrition and mindset training incredibly seriously. It's a scientific process to them, and success at the highest levels cannot occur without it. Whereas, lower league professional clubs, and practically all semi-pro and amateur players and coaches almost completely ignore it. The gap between premier league professionals and everyone else is becoming bigger by the day. A recent call with one of our students - who plays for Blackpool - revealed that players aren't given any kind of structured workouts or any nutritional advice. This - sadly - is not an isolated case. Unfortunately, this is the norm for almost every football club outside the top divisions. And it makes it almost impossible for players to break through into top-flight football unless they create and follow their own training and nutrition programs. Your body cannot withstand the physical demands that professional footballers face without proper strength and conditioning training combined with proper nutrition. And you can't complete the necessary extra training around your matches unless you give your body the correct fuel to support muscle growth and speed up your recovery time. What this means for YOU - as someone on the outside who wants to break into top flight football...

Taking personal ownership of your nutrition, fitness, strength, conditioning and mindset training is NO LONGER optional.

❌ If you fail to train with the same level of commitment as the players in the leagues above you, you will never, and I mean NEVER make the impact you dream about making. ​❌ If you continue to rely on coaches - ones who have never studied sports science as it relates to football - you'll never have enough speed, stamina, strength and endurance to compete against the top dogs. ❌ ​If you don't train your mind for success, confidence, motivation and consistency of temperament - the same way you'd train a muscle - you'll always find a way to sabotage your chances of success. ❌ If you eat the wrong things at the wrong times, your body won't recover properly and you'll struggle to control your weight and build muscle in the right places ❌ If you fail to address any of these critical areas - you'll struggle to compete when you go for trials and professional coaches won't even consider letting you progress to the next stage.

There's nothing worse than being physically and mentally under-prepared when you finally get a chance to shine, especially if you're a gifted footballer.

Let's dive deeper into the MESSI-N Method. First on the list is M = Mindset...

Why is MINDSET training critical if you want to play top-tier football?

As you know, I spent nine years at the Wycombe Wanderers FC, and I saw plenty of players come and go during that time.

Especially during trials, many players would sort of crumble under the pressure.

Imagine this...

You're playing well for your club.

Your team makes it to the regional cup final and - unknown to you - there are professional scouts looking for new talent.

You have a great game, you're winning headers and tackles... making decisive passes... you're completely in the zone and your performance inspires your team to a great victory.

After the match, a stranger approaches you, congratulates you on your performance and hands you a letter...

You open the letter and it contains an invite for a trial with a huge professional club. You're so excited, you feel like you've finally made it and you can't wait to tell everyone you know. As the date for the trial approaches, you start to feel nervous and you begin doubting whether you're good enough to be selected. Then you get to trial. Your self doubt is at an all time high and it affects every part of your game. You feel like a completely different player and by the time the trial ends, you leave dejected, knowing you failed to perform at the level you know you're capable of. You know you've blown your chances of being signed, and the sad thing is, you blew your chances long before the trial began. Your psychology failed you. Football is won and lost in the tiniest of details – the difference between average and world class is millimetres. So many players are completely unaware of the psychological side of football, yet it’s the umbrella which covers every single aspect of the game.

Everything you do on and off the pitch starts inside your head...

Every run, pass, call, first touch, jump, shot and turn all arises as a result of how your mind perceives and processes the information around you in any situation. You can be the most athletic, technically gifted player on the planet, but if you consistently make poor decisions in the moment and struggle psychologically to deal with pressure, you will never reach an elite level. Just like you need train your muscles, it's vital you remember to train your brain... when opportunity comes knocking at your door, you're mentally prepared to handle the pressure and perform at your very best, so you stand out to the coaches as being a player they NEED to sign. Next, let's look at the second part of the MESSI-N Method... E = Endurance

Many coaches are CLUELESS when it comes to football specific endurance and stamina training

You may believe that endurance and stamina training is completely straight forward, and there's nothing new for you to learn.

You may think that you're the man, because you're capable of completing a 20k run with your eyes closed.

However, it's more than likely that your stamina and endurance training is actually holding you back from performing your best on the football field.

During a match, do you agree that you don't run at a continuous speed for 90 minutes?

Of course the answer is "yes."

Instead... Your 90 minutes is filled with continuous short, explosive bursts of effort and speed... followed by short spells of recovery. As a footballer, you need to: ​✔️ Be quick and sharp with your movements ✔️ Have the ability to accelerate and decelerate continuously ✔️ Be able to turn and change direction fast ✔️ Be able to move sideways and backwards, as well as forwards ✔️ And you need maintain all of these different skills at a high intensity for 90+ minutes

So why do coaches all over the world force players to go on long, BORING steady state runs, in order to try and increase their player's stamina?

The answer to that question is... most coaches outside the top divisions simply don't have the same level of knowledge and education that the elite-level coaches possess. The sad truth is... Most players are being trained in a way that's completely irrelevant to football. At best, players are left completely unprepared for the reality of playing football at an elite level. And at worse, the training being dished out to young players by under-qualified coaches could result in recurring injuries - or even career ending injuries - that could have otherwise been avoided if the training had been correct. This is what happened to me, and it makes me angry that your career might be at risk because you're not receiving the correct training for the sport you're playing. If you take away nothing else from this section, please AVOID continuous training methods, such as long runs, that don't satisfy the needs of the game. Focus more on stop-start training, and your match day stamina will improve. Let's now look closer at the third part of the MESSI-N Method... S = Speed

International top class players perform 28% more high intensity running and 58% more sprinting than lower level pros.

If you want to make it impossible for professional coaches to ignore you...

There's one particular part of your game that is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention...


Interestingly, studies show that there's a direct connection between your ability to run fast...

...and the level of football career you can achieve.

The Journal Of Sports Sciences Published A University Of Copenhagen Study...

..which analysed player performances in 129 different matches. They discovered that the top level professionals performed 28% MORE high intensity "top speed" running, compared to moderate players. They also shared that top level professionals ran at a sprinting pace 58% more than moderate players. This shows that if you expect to play for a professional club in a top division, then you NEED to make sure you can not only run fast... You also need to be able to sustain your speed for longer periods of time.

It's thrilling to watch a player with electrifying speed and it's incredibly difficult to defend against a fast player...

Every time I made a step up to a higher level of football, undoubtedly the hardest thing to cope with was the speed (and stamina and strength) of everyone playing at a higher level. As you learned earlier... Your technical ability is not going to be the deciding factor during trials. Instead, your fitness is going to be your most important asset. If you believe that you will never be fast enough to compete, let me tell you... you're wrong. As long as you commit to a training routine designed specifically to increase your speed, you will become a lot faster, sharper and your top speed will increase. Science doesn't care if you THINK you're slow.

When you do the right training, you will be SHOCKED at how much faster you become.

Once you develop your speed - using the same speed hacks that pro footballers use - your chances of playing football at an elite level will increase exponentially. You'll stand out to everyone who watches your games... ...and when you get to trials, you'll not only keep up with your competition, YOU'LL be the person that everyone struggles to keep pace with. You probably already know that some players are gifted with a skeletal system that makes it easier for them to run fast. And you may also know that your ratio of fast and slow muscle twitch fibres also contributes to your ability to run fast. However, even if your natural genetics aren't optimal for speed, the fact remains...

Everyone - INCLUDING YOU - can run faster for longer with the correct training

Here's a list of players and the lightning speed they can reportedly run: ⚡ ​Gareth Bale - 36.9 km/h ⚡ Kylian Mbappe - 36 km/h ⚡ Orlando Berrio - 36 km/h ⚡ Inaki Williams - 35.71 km/h ⚡ Theo Walcott - 35.7 km/h ⚡ ​Leroy Sane - 35.48 km/h ⚡ Jamie Vardy - 35.44 km/h ⚡ Patrick van Aanholt - 35.42 km/h ⚡ Moussa Sissoko - 35.33 km/h ⚡ Karim Bellarabi - 35.27 km/h

Even if you can't run quite as fast as those guys, you can still improve to a high enough standard to hold down a first team place at a top division club. All it takes is your commitment to stick to a training plan that's scientifically proven to increase your running speed. Let's examine the fourth part of the MESSI-N Method... S = Strength

Strength training for football ISN'T about bulking up and looking good in the mirror...

...and it DOESN'T mean you have to spend hours in the gym lifting weights.

In fact, spending too much time in the gym doing the wrong exercises is guaranteed to have a negative effect on your ability to play football at the highest level.

With that said...

Strength training is perhaps the most important aspect of your training, because it underpins and supports everything else you do.

(As long as it's backed up by a proven nutrition plan.)

Doing the right kind of strength training will ACCELERATE your progress in all other areas of your professional development.

Get this right and the gains from ALL parts of your training will multiply...

Here are just some of the benefits you'll get from football specific strength training:

✔️ Your strength and power will increase - allowing you to win more tackles, win more headers and hold off players when you're in possession of the ball so you become a more dominant player who can withstand your opponent's physical pressure ​✔️ Your agility will improve - especially when you engage in plyometric exercises, so you can change direction faster, gain better coordination and stay on your feet for longer, even when a player is trying to pull you down ✔️ ​You'll become more capable of explosive burst of speed and your speed training will be amplified - so you can dribble past players more easily and get back to defend more effectively when your opponents are on the break ✔️ You will suffer less injuries - Studies show you're 3 x less likely to suffer injuries if you engage in functional strength training, allowing you to hold down your first team position for longer and remain match fit for an entire season ✔️ Your stamina and endurance will go through the roof to a high enough level for you to compete against top professional players, making it far more likely you can impress coaches and get signed, when you attend trials

If you're a smaller player, strength training will allow you to prove them all wrong...

In your years of playing football, you probably know a few players who were blessed with incredible technical ability, only for them to struggle to hold down a first team place because they were judged as being "too small." In my years at Wycombe Wanderers, I lost count of the amount of brilliant footballers who were released because they simply didn't have the strength to compete against the larger guys, like me. If you have a smaller build, you know how frustrating it is when coaches give less talented players a game and leave you on the bench... simply because the other guy is "more physical." However, when you engage in football specific strength training, you needn't worry. Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi was famously told that he was too small to play football, yet he can hold off even the strongest players. (How he proved them all wrong.) Alex Ferguson (former Manchester United manager) even admitted on ESPN that: “I was very aware that the first time I clapped eyes on Paul Scholes, I thought: ‘too small’.” And despite his size, here's what some of the greatest players in the world said about pint-sized midfielder Paul Scholes: "My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder." - Zinedine Zidane "Paul Scholes is a role model. For me – and I really mean this – he's the best central midfielder I've seen in the last 15, 20 years." - Xavi Hernandez "Every one of us should emulate him. We can all learn from Paul Scholes." - Edgar Davids

The point is this... With the right type of strength training, you can still become a professional footballer, even if you're only 5 foot 6 inches tall and coaches have been doubting you your entire life.

When doctors told me I'd never kick a ball again and that I'd be in a wheelchair in a couple of years, it motivated me to prove them wrong.

And when you achieve the goals that others said you couldn't, it's the best feeling on the planet.

Let's now move on to part five of the MESSI-N Method. I = Injury Free

Studies show that young players suffer more training related injuries than adult professionals.

Unless you've suffered a niggling injury that you can't seem to shake, chances are you don't spend too much time thinking about injury prevention.

And even if you've had an injury and then recovered - human beings (in general) are far less likely to take preventative steps to help them in ANY area of life.

It's just the way we're wired.

It's not until you get injured that you wish you had been smart enough to take injury prevention seriously.

However, what would you say if I told you ALREADY engage in more than one type of injury prevention, without even thinking about it?

You do warm-ups before a match, don't you?

Let me ask you another question...

Do you always remember to wear your shin pads when you play in a competitive match?

Of course the answer is 'yes', you always remember to wear your shin pads, because you want to avoid taking studs to the shin. The thing is... An extensive 2016 study conducted by the Journal Of Athletic Training, showed that the most common football injuries happen to the upper legs, followed by the knees and ankles. And the most common TYPES of injury are from strains, overuse and under-conditioning. Fractures and breaks only account for a tiny portion of injuries. So if you're already taking steps to reduce your chances of getting injured... why don't you implement more effective injury prevention strategies?

A scientific injury prevention programme can greatly reduce your likelihood of getting injured.

And if you already suffer recurring injuries that you can't seem to shake, there are steps you can take to heal yourself faster and get back to full fitness. You work so hard to get yourself into peak physical fitness, so you can play football at an elite level and become a professional player. You know how much effort it takes to get yourself match fit. You also know that other players are looking for any opportunity to steal your position. Don't you think that it's in your best interests to insure yourself against losing everything due to an injury that could have been prevented? When I was young, I took my fitness for granted and look what happened to me. Strength and conditioning work at that point of my career was almost non-existent. I never even knew that injury prevention exercises were a thing. I was playing alongside Chris Smalling in the centre of defence for the England youth squad - by all accounts I had a promising career ahead of me. And then a freak collision with a huge striker threatened to leave me in a wheelchair, simply because my core strength wasn't up to par, and I wasn't conditioned properly. I don't want you to suffer the same fate I did. So please commit to learning more about injury prevention strategies, and practice them religiously. So when you get your chance of glory, your body is capable of handling the wear and tear of top flight football. Don't become just another promising player who failed to make it to the top flight because of injury. Finally, we have now reached the last part of the MESSI-N Method. N = Nutrition

Nutrition is the most critical part of the MESSI-N Method - nothing works without it.

If you truly expect to become a professional footballer and potentially even play for your national squad...

You need to make sure you include ALL SIX parts of the MESSI-N Method into your regular training schedule. Because if you miss out even just one of the six areas of training, you'll never be able to compete at the top level.

However, out of all six areas, your nutrition is the key factor that affects ALL other areas of your training.

NOTHING happens without giving your body the correct fuel.

When you get your nutrition completely nailed, it will have positive effects on your:

✔️ ​Mindset: You'll be able to concentrate, focus and think more clearly, and when your nutrition is on point, your confidence levels will soar because you'll know you're fully prepared for life as a professional footballer ✔️ Endurance: The more optimal your diet, the better ability your body has to convert your stamina training into a 20% improvement in your ability to use oxygen (V02 MAX,) improve your lactate threshold (so you can run harder for longer) and your body will start to use a greater percentage of body fat as your main fuel source, helping you to drop unwanted fat. ✔️ Speed: With the correct fuel, your fast twitch muscle fibers (responsible for explosive speed) will grow stronger faster because they will receive the specific amino acids required for healthy growth, along with the other necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to help reduce tissue damage and oxidative stress. ✔️ ​Strength: It's impossible for you to build the core strength you need to become a pro footballer if you're not consuming the optimal balance of macros needed to promote fast recovery and muscle growth, and without the correct nutrition you risk illness from overtraining. ​✔️ Injury-Free: It goes without saying that without proper nutrition, you'll be more susceptible to injury, however most people overlook the importance of nutrition for each of the different phases of injury rehab, with different macros helping to accelerate healing during each phase.

The benefits listed above are just a mere fraction of the performance enhancements you get from following a football specific nutrition plan...

When you're planning your nutrition, it's also critically important that you recognise the differences in the foods you need to eat during your pre-season training versus "in season" eating. And then, on a weekly basis, you need to consider what foods to eat on a match day, versus the foods you need to consume to enhance your training and your recovery. For example:

You need to know what foods to eat within two hours of playing a match so your muscles can absorb the glycogen they need, so you can recover in time for your next training session. (If you wait more than two hours, your muscles become less able to store enough glycogen to help you remain injury-free.) Then you have to take supplementation and hydration into account. Professional elite footballers use nutritional supplements to give themselves a real edge over their competition, both in terms of enhanced recovery and optimal performance on match day. One thing to bear in mind is... You need to have your diet dialled in first BEFORE you can effectively work out the additional supplements you need to implement into your nutrition plan. When you take everything you've learned into consideration, you can see why you may not be playing at the level you dream about playing... YET.

If you want to become a professional footballer who plays for a top flight club, wins trophies and plays for your national squad...

The unique combination of these SIX football specific personal training plans:

A Mindset Training Plan ...that mentally prepares you for life as a pro footballer so you can perform at your best during high pressure situations like professional club trials...

+ An Endurance Training Plan ...that gives you the specific types of stamina that footballers need most, so you can produce endless short bursts of explosive speed and effort during a game, followed by repetitive short periods of recovery time...

+ A Speed Training Schedule ...that delivers a drastic, measurable increase in your ability to run at blistering speeds for longer spells, so you'll stand out to professional coaches... + Ongoing Strength and Conditioning is absolutely critical - designed to increase your core strength so you can become a more powerful, dominant player who wins more headers and tackles, and has the ability to compete against pro footballers. (Pro's have a huge head start on you, so you NEED to bridge this

+ A Scientific Injury Prevention Plan ...that allows your body to handle the increased physical stress that comes with being an elite professional athlete, so you can remain injury-free for an entire season and secure your first team position. Plus, it helps you recover from serious and niggling injuries faster...

+ A Personalised Nutrition Plan ...that provides your body with the optimum levels of fuel and supplementation to support muscle growth, recovery and the other demands that elite footballers face, so you can compete at the highest level week in, week out... the fastest and easiest way for you to develop the key skills you need, in order to become an elite professional footballer.

Serious professional footballers have experts advising them on each of the SIX key areas of development, outlined in the MESSI-N Method. If you realistically expect to compete at an elite level, you need to work on all six of those areas during your own time, otherwise you simply won't be able to keep up with everyone else. You already learned why you can't rely on your club coach to train you effectively in those six key areas, leaving you only one option.

You need to take control of your OWN development. Yes, it's true... ...there's a lot of stuff you need to do well, in order to become a highly paid professional footballer. And if you were to try and do ALL OF THIS alone: ​✅ Research and develop your own mindset training plan ​✅ Research and develop your own effective football stamina training routines ✅ Research and develop your own speed training routines ​✅ Research and create your own strength training plans, for both pre-season and during season ​✅ Research and develop your own injury prevention exercise regime ​✅ Research and design your own personal nutrition plan would literally take you years of full time study. Not to mention the tens of thousands of pounds in tuition fees and student loans needed to get the relevant sports science qualifications and gain access to the right experts in each area. The good news is...

You DON'T have to do it all alone.

Imagine if...all you had to do was follow step-by-step training routines created by sports science and nutrition experts - specifically for professional footballers who are ready to jump to the next level? What if...everything was already planned out for you, so you don't need to waste years of trial and error and study? much faster you could bring yourself up to the kind of level - both mentally and physically - where pro coaches find you impossible to ignore. Visualise...attending professional trials and running harder and faster than everyone else there - for longer periods of time - because you have already done the extra conditioning and speed training that most wannabe-professionals aren't willing to do. How much easier would it be to secure a contract with a PRO club if you had a PROVEN step by step method to follow which prepared your mind & body to excel at that level?

This is what we specialise in here at Matchfit Football. We remove all of the confusion, stress and guesswork and provide a training system PROVEN to help players hit the form of their life in record time and with jaw-dropping results.

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