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What Christian Eriksen Can Teach Us About Life

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

It’s a commonly used phrase:

"Football is life."

Yet in the moment that Denmark's Christian Eriksen fell to the ground, I think we all realised just how much football doesn’t really matter.

It’s just a game.

It’s not life or death.

Your health...

THAT’S life or death.

Your family, your loved one’s…

That’s what really matters.

So if football is NOT life, then what is it?

For me, football is purely the vehicle we're using to become the best possible version of ourselves.

It’s not just about becoming a great player or coach it’s about becoming a great PERSON.

Think about it, to reach the highest level in football you must be able to:

  • Eat well and care for your body

  • Handle stomach-churning nervousness

  • Mentally process and be humble in defeat

  • Demonstrate incredible discipline and consistency

  • Socialise and communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds

  • Ignore rumours and lies which may be spread about you in the media

  • Continue to work extremely hard consistently even when progress appear minimal or you feel like giving up

  • Stick to a plan and take full responsibility for your success

  • Cope with euphoric highs and indescribable lows

These are all qualities which will serve us well in any walk of life.

I heard a quote the other day and I think it’s SO true…

"Happiness and success is a journey, not a destination."

You should be excited about mastering your craft and achieving your dream in football.

But you should also be excited that every single day you remain on that mission, you are becoming a healthier, wiser, more resilient version of yourself.

All of these things can help us to bring more joy to those around us.

That’s what really matters.

If we're not healthy, we're likely to do the exact opposite.

Success is something that you attract by becoming a certain type of person.

My job is to help you focus your time and energy every day towards becoming the athlete and character that will attract your ultimate footballing dream TO YOU.

But first and foremost it’s about health and using football as a tool to become a great person.

That’s what will enable you to kick on and have the best chance of achieving everything you dream of in your football career.

It’s a win win.

Health must come first, not only will it help you reach the highest level but without it, there is no football.

Success is a journey.

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