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13 Equipment Essentials For The Ultimate Footballer Home Gym

Updated: Jun 10

If you're a footballer and you've ever thought of setting up your own gym training space at home or you're the parent of a footballer wondering what to get, here are some key pieces of equipment to consider which:

1) Save space so that you can train effectively even in a tight area.

2) Are versatile and can be used for multiple exercises to keep costs as low as possible.

3) Will enable you to train all elements of strength and every component of fitness across the season.

I've created a shopping list on Amazon HERE of suggestions for each if you'd like further guidance.

Remember that the load required to hit failure within a certain rep range will be different for everyone, so as you progress you may need to gradually add some heavier weight options.

1. A range of kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell + weights. If you can have all 3 then that's great, if not then go for kettlebells first as they are a little more versatile and functional when it comes to explosive movements and training through different planes of movement. You can also get adjustable kettlebells and dumbbells which are a solid investment to provide you with a wide range of weights in a cost effective way, whilst also saving space.

2. A light and moderate weight slam ball. These are great for adding load to more ballistic exercises and performing powerful exercises such as slams and throws safely.

3. A set of minibands.

4. A set of pull up bands.

5. A set of tube resistance bands with handles and ankle straps.

6. A TRX suspension trainer or equivalent.

7. A plyo box and/or step which can be changed to different heights ranging from ankle height to mid-thigh.

8. A swiss ball.

9. A foam block.

10. An adjustable bench.

11. A BOSU ball or equivalent to create an unstable surface.

12. A foam roller (vibrating if possible), spherical massage ball, peanut massage ball and massage gun.

13. Sliders.

BONUS: If you are able to fit/afford a power rack then this is a great investment. It will enable you to:

- Perform pull ups

- Have somewhere to fix your suspension trainer

- Have secure low to high anchor points to use for various exercises with your bands

- Train with heavier loads more safely

- Add attachments for more specialised equipment as you grow your equipment range

...All without needing to attach anything to a wall.

Bear in mind that this is an IDEAL list to have most bases covered, you can easily still get started with less and be resourceful to adapt exercises whilst you grow your range of equipment.

Please note that I don't recommend getting your rack from Amazon, I personally use a Muscle Squad rack which provides a good quality range to suit different requirements as well as being suitable for purchasing future attachments.

Please also note that Amazon does pay a small commission if you purchase through one of the links provided on the Amazon shopping page. Please do not feel obliged to purchase through those links. I put together the list for ease of use so you have everything in one place, rather than the possibility of earning any commissions. However if you do purchase through the links I appreciate your support and please rest assured that any commissions go straight back into providing you with new content and the creation of future products.

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