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FOOTBALLERS: Don't Make This Mistake In The Gym!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Out on the pitch in a mostly unpredictable environment, players are never going to be moving using "perfect" movement mechanics 100% of the time...

But in training, there are steps you can take to ensure a player is not only boosting athletic performance, but also injury resilience.

We can prepare the body to be better able to cope with the forces and impacts it's going to experience on the pitch, so that performance is increased at the same time as reducing injury risk. This is the perfect blend and the sweet spot we want to hit in as many sessions as possible!

The movement I outline in this video is a key one which is often overlooked, if a player trains with bad habits in a controlled environment, these are likely to carry over onto the pitch.

Try and apply the guidance I outline in this video to any exercise or movement you perform in the gym which applies, and wherever possible make a conscious effort in your more dynamic pitch training too - such as when jumping over hurdles or moving through ladders -it will pay off!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts.

P.S if you're the parent of a talented footballer aged 12-18 who:

  1. You believe could get selected by a pro club, if only they were stronger, faster, fitter or suffered less injuries.

  2. ​Has trials coming up and wants to be in the best shape and form possible.

  3. ​Has been released by a pro club for reasons related to their physicality or fitness.

  4. Is currently at a pro club, but underperforming and at risk of being released.

  5. Is currently at a pro club and playing well, but looking to gain an edge.

Then check out the details of our Youth Elite Programme here.

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