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Nov 09, 2023


thanks for all these great videos and tips.🙌

I have 3 boys 7-9 & 11 years old playing 7days a week.

we have the fantastic opportunity to live in Spain and therefore the boys can play football all year round outside⚽️🤩

all my boys have 30000-42000 steps a day dependibg of the have double Training or not.

I’ve been training endurance sports my whole life and have a good knowledge of the fuel and Rest that works for me..

im actually not eating carbs at all almost, have my fat as fuel as I also do long intermediate fasting periods.

but this I don’t allow my kids to do.

im careful with too much carbs at the wrong time…

Matchfit Football
Matchfit Football
Nov 11, 2023
Replying to

Hi Jari thanks for the kind words, glad you are enjoying the content! I would first start by ensuring they are consuming enough calories each day and getting a good amount of sleep consistently. Then I would look to ensure as many foods that make up their diet as possible come in natural form and are not processed. There is alot more detail that can be applied but those are the main things I would make sure are covered first and foremost.


Jul 11, 2022

How much is the book?

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